Datum Gesuchsteller/in Forschungsprojekt
30.06.18 Imboden Sara
Moving towards a deeper understanding of POLE-mutated endometrial cancer
29.06.18 Humbert Magali
Chaperone mediated autophagy contributes to microenvironment-mediated therapy resistance in acute myeloid leukemia
06.06.18 Müller Simon
Elicin Olgun
Metformin in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Window of Opportunity Study to Assess the Effect on Tissue Oxygenation
15.12.17 Knabben Laura
BRCAness in uterine serous carcinoma
30.06.17 Plattet Philippe
PD Dr.
Canine Brain Cancer Oncolytic Immunotherapy
22.06.16 Riether Carsten
Employing Immune Cells in the Bone Marrow to Eliminate Myeloid Leukemia Stem Cells
29.06.16 Medova Michaela
Panomic-based characterization of the role of Ser1016 phosphorylation, a newly identified site on the MET receptor tyrosine kinase, in MET-mediated oncogenic signaling
30.06.16 Schenk Mirjam
Dr. Ph.D.
Reprogramming tumor infiltrating dendritic cells to manipulate their costimulatory properties for cytotoxic T cells in melanoma
24.12.15 Lyck Ruth
PD Dr. phil. nat.
Stein Jens V.
Intravasation, migration and extravasation – Investigations on the roles of VLA-4 and aV integrin in the formation of melanoma metastasis
11.12.15 Diamantis-Karamitopoulou Eva
PhD Dr.
Targeting microRNAs in the tumor-microenvironment to overcome immune escape in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC)
12.12.14 Marinoni Ilaria
Epigenetic changes as main driver of pancreatic neuro-endocrine tumors (pNETs) development
30.06.14 Stroka Deborah
PhD Dr.
IL-33 signaling in hepatocarcinogenesis
30.06.14 Tschan Mario P.
PhD Dr.
Implications of autophagy in resistance mechanisms that occur during targeted therapies in breast cancer
15.12.13 Novak Urban
Dr. med.
Dissecting the role of autophagy in normal and malignant B cells towards a rational, novel therapeutic target in malignant B cell lymphomas
14.12.13 Banz Yara, PhD
Krebs Philippe, PhD
Role of IL-33/ST2 signaling in myeloproliferative neoplasms
11.12.13 Radpour Ramin, Dr. Molecular profiling of immune signature in AML blasts and paired immune niche
30.06.13 Lyck Ruth
PD Dr. phil. nat.
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of cancer cell extravasation across the blood brain barrier
26.06.13 Ochsenbein Adrian,
Prof. Dr. med.
Riether Carsten,
Dr. med.
Schürch Christian,
Dr. phil.
TRAF-binding TNF receptor signaling in leukemia stem cells
14.06.13 Zlobec Inti, PhD
Vassella Erik, PhD
A Pilot study on clonal evolution in colorectal cancer
26.01.12 Zimmer Yitzhak, Dr. MET signaling under hypoxic conditions: emphasis on tumor radioresistance
14.12.11 Tschan Mario P.
PD Dr. phil. nat.
Functional analysis of the microRNA pathway in myeloid differentiation of acute myeloid leukemias
26.10.11 Müller Michael
Investigation of the mTOR pathway in ovarian cancer tumor samples and inflammation induced VEGF expression via non-NFkb pathways in-vitro
05.05.11 Patsenker Eleonora
Role of integrin avb6 as a therapeutic target and host genetic risk factor in cholangiocarcinoma
11.02.11 Arcaro Alexandre
PD Dr.
Identification and characterization of leukemia stem cells in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia using an in vivo model
16.12.10 Frese Steffen
PD Dr. med.
Zelluläre Mechanismen der Sensitivierung von Lungenkrebszellen für Rezeptor (TRAIL) vermittelten programmierten Zelltod
  Lack Peter
lic. theol.
Women and AIDS

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